Signature Range


Signature Range


After Dark…A classic tropical blend of cranberries,pineapple,peach,coconut mixed with vodka…. Send your senses on a journey of tropical bliss with this fragrance. What happens After Dark is up to you.

Creme Caramel…A sweet buttery blend of caramel and vanilla topped with coconut and tonka bean…Let your sense of smell guide you to a warm hug-like trance with this classic fragrance.

Enticing…A citrus blend of white rum,citrus fruits,spearmint and sugarcane. …Entice your inner being with this powerful blend of ingredients.

Kristian…..Sexy and seductive with blends of bergamot,mandarin,green apple,tobacco,leather musk,patchouli and cedarwood….Mr Grey on steroids! This carefully blended pheromone active scent will bring the tigress out in her and the tiger out in him.

Sensual Amber…Sandalwood,vanilla,patchouli and musk blended with berries,orange and bergamot to ignite the senses….Ignite the senses is the aim with this pheromone based blend. Sensual and seductive is an understatement.

Strawberry Delight…Champagne infused with strawberries and raspberries with a hint of vanilla bean.. The delightful scent of fresh strawberries infused with Champagne makes this classic a must for any home.

400G/14OZ Approx burning time of 80hrs

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After Dark-A classic tropical blend of cranberries,pineapple,peach,coconut mixed with vodka.